“College for Jamaica/Jamaica Competes” Initiative – UCC Global Corporate University to partner with businesses

Adult learners, business owners and employees, many without a degree or college credits, will have an opportunity for upskilling as a result of a partnership between UCC Global Corporate University and corporate Jamaica.

UCC Global Corporate University, a division of the UCC Group is developing partnerships with corporate Jamaica under its “College for Jamaica/Jamaica Competes” initiative.  Under the programme, adults without the traditional minimum number of five passes in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) or any college credits will now be able to secure admission to pursue a US accredited competency-based degree through UCC Global.

Dr. Martin Yousef, UCC Global Campus Director and International Recruitment & Enrollment Director, said that “We are building programmes and courses aligned to in-demand industry skills and in keeping with US accreditation standards and asking our adult students to demonstrate competency in those areas.  For the most part, students will learn and demonstrate what they know and can do, rather than spending most of their time in class, to accumulate credit hours.”  This is a proposed tripartite partnership between the employer, the employee and UCC Global.

Dr. Yousef said “this is an excellent way for companies to invest in their people.  The programmes are designed to enhance the workforce and satisfy the needs of the business and will help to maximize employee recruitment, retention, upskilling and brand equity.”

Noting that the “College for Jamaica/Jamaica Competes” programme is built to support Jamaica’s corporate entities and other organizations, Dr. Yousef said, “we will do the heavy lifting to ensure the programme fits the diverse workforce.  We would connect employees to a curated academic platform designed for working adults, provide complimentary one on one coaching to maximize employee success.  We plan to drive real business outcomes and upskill the workforce through debt free education pathways for employees.

Date Published:
Thursday July 15, 2021