Master of Science in Industrial Engineering – UArizona

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Master of Science



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University of Arizona

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100% Online

Program Description

The Master of Science in Industrial Engineering can help you develop the skills you need to optimize manufacturing operations and supervise high-tech production processes. You’ll examine areas of production control that are essential to any advanced position in the field, developing practical skills that can be applied to projects of any scale. As a student, you’ll be able to choose a complete set of electives to develop the specific skills you’re seeking, exploring only the areas that interest you most. The online master’s in industrial engineering program can provide you with an in-depth exploration of technical skills, like traffic modeling, automation, and Computer-integrated Manufacturing (CIM). Additionally, the curriculum delves into business fundamentals like cost estimation and financial modeling that can help engineering leaders keep any production line running at optimal performance. In the contemporary manufacturing climate, these skills are considered immensely valuable at all stages of the product lifecycle.

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