Master of Arts in Global Media – UArizona

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Degree Type

Master of Arts



Awarding Institution

University of Arizona

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100% Online

Program Description

Examine how various forms of media connect the global community to modern challenges like climate change, poverty, inequality, disease, political discord, and record numbers of refugees. Through this program, you will develop a deep professional knowledge of the diversity of influences on media in a global environment and prepare to meet the grand challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The program consists of four required courses, accompanied by a series of electives and a capstone project or report designed to fit your unique professional goals. Every step of the way, you will study with esteemed faculty who have worked for news media and other organizations around the world. Coursework will focus on comparative media systems, practices, values and laws that influence political, cultural, social, and economic institutions globally. Throughout the program, analytical skills are coupled with conceptual knowledge of real-time and emerging issues. Upon completion, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to step into high-level jobs in newsrooms, nonprofits, think tanks, government, politics, intergovernmental agencies and other organizations that require sophisticated writing, analytical, verbal, and research skills.

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