Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Foreign Language

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Degree Type

Graduate Certificate



Awarding Institution

University of Arizona

Delivery Modality

100% Online

Program Description

This five-course graduate certificate in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language provides graduate-level credit and training in how and what to teach, including skill areas such as grammar, culture and teaching with technology. Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is a rich experience that can open doors around the world, and individuals with experience living and working a year or two abroad have a competitive edge in any field. The five-course graduate certificate is completed online over five 7-week sessions, one course at a time. Designed by leaders in the field, the course topics include TEFL methods, curriculum/materials development and assessment, linguistics and pedagogical grammar, culture for TEFL, and technology-enhanced English language teaching. These courses provide a foundation that, combined with a bachelor’s degree, can help secure entry-level TEFL positions around the world. The courses also provide graduate-level credit, meaning they complement a related master’s degree or can be applied later to a full Master of Arts in TEFL.

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