Graduate Certificate in Human Rights and Technology

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Degree Type

Graduate Certificate



Awarding Institution

University of Arizona

Delivery Modality

100% Online

Program Description

Build the skills to critically analyze the intersections between information and communication technologies and human rights. Today it is increasingly important that human rights workers be aware of the power and pitfalls of technology and technology workers better understand the human rights implications of their work. Through this certificate program, you will explore core issues including data rights, privacy, misinformation, artificial intelligence, surveillance, cyberactivism, encryption, e-learning and data literacy. Technologies covered will include big databases, blockchain, surveillance technology, virtual reality, crowdsourcing of human rights data, and archiving of digital media. While these technologies have the potential to significantly advance human rights, they are also being used to surveil, harass, disrupt and suppress individuals and groups working to advance human rights. This program will assess the capabilities and limitations of existing and emerging technologies. The innovative curriculum will feature guest lectures by human rights practitioners and technological experts who are breaking new ground using technology to advance human rights. You will have the opportunity to work alongside scholars studying the ethical and political dimensions of technology and human rights, and the implications of new challenges like fake news, false video, data collection and improper use. Graduates of this program may choose to pursue graduate degrees in Human Rights Practice or Information Science.

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