Graduate Certificate in Gender-Based Violence

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Degree Type

Graduate Certificate



Awarding Institution

University of Arizona

Delivery Modality

100% Online

Programme Description

Develop an advanced understanding of the root causes of gender-based violence and the skills necessary to advance the well-being, equality and human rights of those most impacted. This program provides a transdisciplinary and applied approach to human rights and an intersectional, postcolonial, feminist and anti-racist framework for understanding gender-based violence. You will connect with leading practitioners from around the world and complete hands-on, real-world projects with community members through independent studies, internships and the project course. This certificate will be particularly valuable to practitioners who work in organizations supporting survivors of gender-based violence, professionals who work with victims of gender-based crimes, students graduating from relevant degree programs like public health, anthropology, sociology or psychology, and anyone interested in integrating an intersectional and social justice framework into their work.

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