Bachelor of Arts in Global Media – UArizona

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Bachelor of Arts



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University of Arizona

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100% Online

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How do various forms of media connect the global community to the challenges of the day, including climate change, poverty, inequality, the pandemic, political discord and record numbers of refugees? Explore these questions and more alongside faculty who have worked with news media agencies and other organizations around the world. You will have the opportunity to build analytical skills, coupled with conceptual knowledge of real-time and emerging issues like digital inequity, surveillance, censorship and propaganda. Your studies will focus on political, cultural, social and economic influences on global media through a broad selection of courses. Building a deep professional knowledge of the wide range of influences on media will prepare you to engage with and meet the grand challenges of our time. You will graduate equipped to step into jobs in nonprofit organizations, think tanks, government, politics, intergovernmental agencies and other entities that require sophisticated writing, analytical, verbal and research skills.

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