UCC Global, University of Arizona classes begin August & October 2021 Across the Region

Students across the Commonwealth Caribbean can begin studies towards Bachelors and Masters Degree programmes from the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) Global and the University of Arizona, starting August 2021.

Dr. Janelle Allen, Director, Regional Project Implementation, UCC Global said, “the partnership between these two universities is a very exciting opportunity for our Caribbean nationals. The University of Arizona is ranked in the top 1 percent of universities worldwide and the UCC has national accreditation in Jamaica and International Institutional accreditation through the accreditation service for international schools, colleges and universities.

While the UCC and other regional institutions are delivering Higher Education at an optimal level, there are persons who wish to access specific programmes in the United States.  The UCC University of Arizona partnership is bringing University of Arizona programmes to the region at a fraction of the normal cost.

Last month, the UCC announced the signing of an exclusive agreement with the prestigious University of Arizona which will give students from approximately 20 Caribbean islands access to joint/dual or stand alone Bachelor and Masters Degrees from the two institutions through the UCC Global.

Dr. Allen said that work is far advanced for registration to begin August 1, 2021, with classes beginning on August 23, 2021.  Noting that the programme is being anticipated with enthusiasm, she said “COVID-19 has derailed the plans of some persons who had planned to migrate to the US to study.  They and others without the financial resources to go overseas, are welcoming the options offered by UCC Global and UA which are attractive and flexible.”

Noting that some students will prefer a physical campus to online courses, Dr. Allen said that UCC Global is establishing micro campuses across the region.  “We appreciate that some students do not have the quality internet connectivity to support online classes and these micro campuses will give them a facility to pursue their studies while UCC Global would have an administrative presence to guide them.  The courses will be delivered by both UCC and UA faculty, who will deliver the dual-degree or stand alone degree programmes together and co-teach courses online or on site.”

Annual tuition for recent high school graduates and working adults in Jamaica, for a dual degree (ie. two bachelor degrees or a bachelor and an accelerated masters degree), which can be completed in 4-5 years, will range between US$5,000/year to US$7,500/year for dual bachelor degrees or US$9,000/year for a stand alone degree from the UA, compared to the traditional US$37,000/year – excluding other major costs such as accommodation, living expenses, travel, etc – charged by the UA on campus in Arizona!  As a result of this unique model, the local tuition, therefore, for either dual degrees or stand alone bachelor degrees, will only be at a minor fraction of the tuition in the US as all students successfully admitted will be receiving at least a 45%-55% tuition scholarship.

For even greater accessibility to the UCC Global UA programmes, Dr. Allen said that the UCC Global is collaborating with several 2-year community colleges to establish matriculation agreements so that their students may matriculate with professional associate degrees into UCC Global UA degree programmes.

“Our main emphasis is on the delivery of quality Higher Education to the region.  We are doing everything to make it affordable, accessible and relevant to our people”, Dr. Allen declared.

Date Published: 
Friday June 25, 2021